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LSVT BIG® Certified Physical Therapy at Alpine Clinic

Specialized Parkinson's Disease Treatment Now Available at Alpine Physical Therapy

We now have an LSVT BIG® certified physical therapist and physical therapist assistant on staff in Franconia.

LSVT BIG® is a specialized approach to occupational and physical therapy for those diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and similar conditions.

Who can benefit from LSVT BIG®?

What benefits can LSVT BIG® offer?

LSVT BIG® has been shown to improve various components of functional mobility including:

LSVT BIG® is customized to each patient's unique goals, including both gross and fine motor skills. The treatment can be adapted or progressed in order to meet each patient's needs across a range of disease severity and presenting impairments.

Call Alpine Clinic Physical Therapy to learn more - (603) 823-8600 (option 1) or ask your primary care provider for a referral today!

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